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Introduction to Computational Logic: Lecture Notes

The course assumes familarity with basic functional programming and Standard ML as it is taught in our beginners course Programmierung 1. We recommend Moscow ML or Alice as Standard ML interpreter. Alice has a nice programming environment well-suited for novices.

There are lecture notes Gert Smolka has written for previous runs of this course. They are in German. The most recent version is from Summer 2004. Although we will present things somewhat differently this year, the notes from 2004 are highly recommended.

Biographies of important logicians are available at

  1. Simply Typed Lambda Calculus and Equational Deduction (weeks 1-3+10)

  2. Propositional Logic (weeks 4-8)

  3. Quantifiers and Identity (weeks 9-11)
  4. Dynamic Logic and Computability (weeks 12-14)
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