Programming Systems Lab: Publications by Martin Henz

Saarland University Computer Science

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Global Constraints for Round Robin Tournament Scheduling   (pdf)
Martin Henz, Tobias Müller, Sven Thiel
European Journal for Operational Research


An Overview of Finite Domain Constraint Programming   (pdf)
Martin Henz, Tobias Müller
Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the Association of Asia-Pacific Operational Research Societies

GIFT: a Generic Interface for Reusing Filtering Algorithms.   (pdf)
Ka Boon Ng, Chiu Wo Choi, Martin Henz, Tobias Müller
Proceedings of the Workshop on Techniques for Implementing Constraint Programming Systems - TRICS


Figaro: Yet Another Constraint Programming Library   (pdf)
Martin Henz, Tobias Müller, Ka Boon Ng
Workshop on Parallelism and Implementation Technology for Constraint Logic Programming


Scheduling a Major College Basketball Conference - Revisited   (pdf)
Martin Henz
Under revision.


Objects in Oz   (pdf)
Martin Henz
PhD Thesis, Saarland University


Using Oz for College Time Tabling   (pdf)
Martin Henz, Jörg Würtz
The Practice and Theory of Automated Time Tabling: The Selected Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on the Practice and Theory of Automated Time Tabling, Edinburgh 1995

Don't Be Puzzled!   (pdf)
Martin Henz
Proceedings of the Workshop on Constraint Programming Applications, in conjunction with the Second International Conference on Principles and Practi

Constraint-based Time Tabling---A Case Study
Martin Henz, Jörg Würtz
Applied Artificial Intelligence

COMPOzE --- Intention-based Music Composition through Constraint Programming   (pdf)
Martin Henz, Stefan Lauer, Detlev Zimmermann
Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence


Object-Oriented Concurrent Constraint Programming in Oz   (pdf)
Gert Smolka, Martin Henz, Jörg Würtz
Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming


Oz---A Programming Language for Multi-Agent Systems   (pdf)
Martin Henz, Gert Smolka, Jörg Würtz
13th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence


Term Rewriting in Associative Commutative Theories with Identities   (pdf)
Martin Henz
Master's Thesis, State University of New York at Stony Brook

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